About Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC
Pender-Paralegal Services operates to support attorneys, mortgage lenders and servicers, and title companies with the delivery of convenient, economical, impressive, and high- quality legal and real estate settlement services to their clients. We love what we do and by virtues of productive teamwork, creativity and trustworthiness, we offer unparalleled value to your firm and clients.

About Us

Our services are especially suited for solo practitioners, small law offices, mortgage servicers and title companies needing assistance with heavy workloads, special projects, and urgent rush matters.


We cover other support staff members on vacation, during leaves of absences, such as family or medical leaves, and during company hiring freezes.


Our work includes assisting with streamlining office processes, capitalizing on the strengths of your organization by contributing innovative ideas, and working diligently with your firm and staff, as a productive team, with every delegated task.


Our vision is to be the primary choice for attorneys, mortgage lenders and servicers, title companies, and other legal organizations in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and client satisfaction.


• Your office and clients will be able to save money.

• Attorneys will free their time from tasks that can be delegated to us and focus on lawyering and expanding their practice.

 • Your office will retain existing clients and bring in new business.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to maximize client satisfaction with your organization, leading to consistent business growth and success for our businesses. This is accomplished by providing you and your clients with the best customer service and work products in the legal and real estate industries, competently, and at an affordable rate.


Pender-Paralegal Services will contribute to preserving confidence in the legal system and the attorney-paralegal- client relationship through dependability, integrity, and catering to the needs of your office and customers each time we collaborate.


Our mission includes representing your organization to existing and prospective clients as a contemporary, passionate, and responsive leader in the legal and real estate industries.