Introducing Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC

Introducing Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC

Attorneys, Law Offices, and Title Companies

  •  Does your office have a heavy workload with many upcoming deadlines to meet?
  •  Do you need someone to update your clients and get their documents drafted, filed, oruploaded soon?
  • Could you use extra assistance on an as-needed basis to support your office and currentstaff without the expense of a full-time employee?

Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC is here to help, providing your office and clients with high quality work products and customer service designed to grow your profits and clientele.


What is Pender-Paralegal Services?

Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC was developed to meet the needs of attorneys, law offices, title companies and their clients for cost-effective and efficient methods to address heavy workloads.

Services are provided on an as needed basis. Once your workload is reduced and manageable for the company, our collaboration will suspend until additional support is needed from Pender-Paralegal Services. There is no need to hire a full-time employee, utilize a temp agency, or incur the costs of these options.

Christopher Pendergrass, a certified paralegal and licensed title insurance producer will get the job done right, on time, and at a reasonable rate.

Who is Christopher Pendergrass?

As a devoted, enthusiastic, and versatile paralegal with 11-years of experience, I have developed a reputation for effectively communicating verbally and in writing, accepting challenges from attorneys, and working hard to deliver professional and quality work-products that exceed expectations.

My love for the profession and dedication to do more to support attorneys with the shared mission of helping people solve problems and providing them with valuable legal services has inspired me to develop Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC.

Contact me, meet with me, and let’s work together to take care of the legal needs of our community. I want to learn from you and work with you in effort to satisfy your clients, and to make a distinct impression in this profession.

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A paralegal is not an attorney and the roles of each must not be confused. Therefore, legal advice or representation in court cannot be provided, nor can assistance be given by the paralegal to help make a legal decision. Nothing in this email is to be construed as the giving of legal advice.

Notary and clerical services are available for the general public so long as no legal judgment is used when performing such acts in place of a supervising attorney.

An appropriate attorney or legal organization will be referred in the event legal advice and representation is requested by the general public.

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  • Iysha April 5, 2018 11:36 am

    Love it. Florida is so hard to get firms to hire remotely or even as a independent contractor.