We will discuss rates, based on the assignment, during our initial meeting.

Contact Christopher Pendergrass at or call 202-706-7596 for any questions regarding our hourly and flat rates, invoices, payment options or any other billing-related matters.
There are no temporary agency fees or benefits to pay, such as medical insurance, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. There will be no payments made to cover vacation, holidays, overtime, downtime, personal or sick time. Your organization does not pay any social security or retirement benefits.
Filing and applicable transfer and recording fees are due in advance.
There are no additional costs for revisions required by the attorney’s office or client after submitting a document for review or filing as a result of any oversight by Pender-Paralegal Services.
There are no costs for receiving instructions, attorney- paralegal conferences or in the event any minimal training is necessary. Payments are only made for actual work performed and produced.
There are no requirements or costs for workspace, equipment, supplies or any other obligations involved from hiring a full-time legal assistant or an employee from a temp agency.
Our billable paralegal services may be billed to your client as paralegal fees and you can invoice Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC for reviewing our work, consulting, and advising the referrals we send to your office.

Make a Payment

Checks are to be made payable to Pender-Paralegal Services, LLC and can be mailed to P.O. Box 42018, Washington, D.C. 20015